Press Release – March 3rd, 2015

Mystery Escape, The First French “Live Escape Game” designer in Paris, is expanding within France and Internationally

Less than a year since the launch of “The Mystery of the Manor”, at rue de Monceau in Paris, Mystery Escape is happy to announce the expansion of its activities within France and into the International scene. Mystery Escape will also soon be diversifying its offer with the inauguration this spring of its second premises in Paris and a brand new game.

Thus, the French designer is the first actor on the booming market of this new game generation to further extend its activities by means of commercial licenses. The latter will allow partners to exploit the entire concept: brand, game, decoration… whilst enjoying the support of the brand on a marketing and a business level.

Driven by their success, which has allowed Mystery Escape to welcome over 25 000 players since the launch in Paris last April, cofounders Gilles Cormerais and Axel Rosiefsky have just signed three partnership agreements. Mystery Escape is now opening in Aix-en-Provence as well as in the Scandinavian Countries and in Barcelona in Spain. Each of these partnerships will result in the opening of 250m² sites, housing 4 game rooms to play the current game “The Mystery of the Manor” and the new conundrum, to be launched shortly.

Aix-en-Provence will give the players in the region a treat, enabling them to delve into 60 minutes of suspense, reflection and challenge as part of a team. The Mystery Escape Aix firm, created and run by Jérôme Huber-Barniaudy, will operate this new entertainment installation. “We’re on the same wavelength, the partnership with the MYSTERY ESCAPE team has provided me with the tools and the ideas required to get started. Roll on springtime so Provence can take advantage of this new leisure and team building experience”, he said.

In the meantime, residents from around Copenhagen will also be able to get their share of fun. Stine Juul Hansen, Manager of Mystery Escape Denmark said: “We opted for Mystery Escape because out of all the actors in the market, they are the most professional. We have strong faith in this concept and we are already working on opening new places in Norway and in Sweden.”

Same schedule for Barcelona which will very soon be hosting those team play enthusiasts in the Mystery Escape branch led by Romain Riaud. “Choosing Mystery Escape for an establishment in Barcelona occurred naturally for three reasons: the great quality of the concept and the game which clearly stand out from the rest of the existing actors in this field, for the professionalism and the responsiveness of its owners and lastly the drive to develop this new type of entertainment on a territory bearing huge potential.”

As with the original site in Paris, every aspect of the game, from the decoration or the accessories to the atmosphere, has been thoroughly thought through to allow the players to travel in time. Their challenge: escape from a room within the allotted time of one hour by solving a series of enigmas and mysteries using clues hidden and scattered all around the room, Game Masters overseeing the game can provide some help if needed.
After a short briefing is given by the Mystery Escape Team, the players are locked in and the countdown begins. Rapidity, logic, creativity and team spirit are key components of the game to beat the clock.

Gilles Cormerais and Axel Rosiefsky, cofounders of Mystery Escape, said: “Passionate about puzzle games and intellectual challenges, but also coaching and personal development experts, we create our games so that each player can express his potential in a dynamic team. Now almost a year into this entrepreneurial venture – which is growing in keeping with our original objectives with the establishment of new branches in large French and European cities – we are proud of the response we’ve had from our visitors and the success encountered by our project, not only that but we can proudly say we are now employing an overall team of 10 people in Paris“.

Mystery Escape: an innovating concept for the largest live escape game in Paris

Aside from its high-end positioning (strategic location of its first facility, 5 minutes away from the Champs Élysées, the high quality of its organisation and its decoration, its supervisory staff, or the capacity to host receptions with catering for companies or special events)

Mystery Escape sets itself apart by:

  • The ability to adjust the level of play to the players’ profile, as the game conception and its toolbox allow room for customisation. The participants are therefore totally absorbed in the game, regardless of their level of experience in this kind of activity.
  • The possibility for the team to keep track of their progression in the game at any time via a screen, and adapt their tactic accordingly to make it out of the room in time
  • A hosting capacity of 4 rooms, making it possible to bring 20 players together who can then play thesame game simultaneously and experience a real inter team challenge.
  • The availability of the current and coming games in French of course, but also in English, as well as in German and Spanish.

A team game to share among family and friends… but also for “team building” activities

The concept is tailored to individual players’ needs, whether they’re playing with one single team or several groups of friends and relatives simultaneously.
In order to do so, 4 rooms are at the players’ disposal.

It also embodies a new and particularly efficient organisational tool for companies wishing to stimulate reflection and cohesion amongst their employees and bring their teams together.
On special request, companies can also ask for experienced and “certified coaches” recommended by Mystery Escape to supervise their teams and observe their performances.
Customers can of course decide to take it upon themselves to monitor the whole operation from the comfort of Mystery Escape sofas with the option to simply watch the show on a wide screen as the teams are battling it out in this epic war of brains..

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