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How many people can play?

We have 4 game rooms and can accommodate 20 players simultaneously, or 40 with rolling teams.

How long is one session?

One session lasts 1h30, with 15 minutes briefing, 1 hour of game, and 15 minutes to share experiences after.

Sample session flow at 16h00:
– 15h45 : arrival, choosing teams, briefing
– 16h00 : start of the game
– 17h00 : end of the game, debriefing, team photo
– 17h15 : end of the activity

It is possible to privatize our office for a cocktail or buffet.

Our games can be played in English and French

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Team Building

Are you searching for an activity to motivate your team, inspire enthusiasm, and develop energy with a well constructed collaborative and competitive activity that will enhance your business objectives in an innovative and refreshing way?

Mystery Escape’s business games are ideal for increasing lateral thinking and creativity and are perfectly tailored for team-building exercises. Our games have been specially designed to be an integral part of your meeting, training, or company celebrations.

Mystery Escape business games, help enhance team chemistry, demonstrate the power of teamwork, and allow cross communication to flourish while encouraging an atmosphere of involvement and fun.

Monitoring Support

What better way to understand and develop your team than to take part in a fun and fascinating problem solving activity, whilst being able to observe the trust bond and the communication within your team, along with usual aspects of time management, solution planning and execution.

Mystery Escape gives manager access to its Operation-Center, ideal for close observation of team performance. You may also bring your own coach, or trainer, to actively observe your team during the entire game.

Professional Coaching

At request, Mystery Escape can arrange for tailored team coaching support through experienced “certified coaching experts”, in various different languages. All selected coaches are certified professionals and come from a wide spectrum of industry backgrounds and functional areas.

They leverage an expansive repertoire of resources and experiences to provide strategic value for executives, and for the enterprises.

However, coaching-style preference and team compatibility plays an important factor for coaching success. It is important that the coach and the client enter a direct relationship to agree on how the client prefers to receive team-support, and what they want to focus or work on.

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