Companies and Team Coaches Testimonials

Since it opened last April, Mystery Escape has welcomed many companies and team coaches. All appreciate the innovative nature of this type of game as well as the positive energy that it generates.

Check Point

“Twice a year, we organise a seminar between the technical teams of our partners and those of Check Point during which we systematically include a team-building exercise. This year, a choice was unanimously agreed in favour of the Mystery Escape game: “Le Mystere du Manoir”. For very simple reasons: the innovative aspect, original concept and the fact that it is still unknown to the public seduced everybody. It was a 100% success.

The strength of this team-building exercise? The game is played by small teams of 3 to 5 and as soon as it starts, members form a solid team who work closely together throughout the game. Another interesting point: inter-team competitions can be organised simultaneously between 4 teams in 4 different rooms.
We are already eagerly awaiting the next mystery to solve.”

Anthony Bali – Security Engineer, France


“Every year, we organise a team-building exercise that brings together a dozen Regional and European Sales Directors. Our choice this year was to try out the totally new game: “Le Mystere du Manoir”. We did not reveal any information to the participants before playing the game. They therefore only discovered what the game was about during the briefing! The thoughts about the game were completely unanimous: everyone enjoyed it regardless of age, gender or country of origin.

It is a real team-work tool: members have to listen to one another and each step requires different skills and thinking. Each member of the team has an important role in the progression of the game.”
Christine Ryo – Responsible for Back-office service

Equipe et Development

“It is a very interesting game for team coaching in many ways. First of all, it is fun to play and intellectually stimulating: participants come out of the game in high spirits and a lot of enthusiasm to take back to work. Moreover, as time is always scarce this game has the advantage of taking very little time out of those busy schedules. Secondly the most interesting aspect of the game is that there are two levels of thought and observation: the first concerns the observation of individual behaviour within the team and therefore the possibility of discovering talents to be exploited in the professional world. The second is the observation of what happened within the team to solve the mystery, and from there,. Imagine how this could relate to the reality of team work.

This game can notably generate a team reflexion on how to generate an effective new dynamic and commitment in their day to day activities. Similarly to the way children would naturally behave during their activities.”
Olivier Loustalan – team and managerial coach

Resources & Talents

“First positive point: the novelty brought by the game. And beyond the initial surprise, because we really don’t know what is going to happen and how, we are quickly engrossed in the game, without necessarily being passionate about mysteries and enigmas, as there is a ripple effect, a fun side making us want to reach the end of the game.

Closer to my experience as a coach, it is interesting to observe the team from the outside and see how they work together in terms of cooperation, as the team is not necessarily conceious whilst playing the game.
Succeeding together means a joint collaboration requiring the intelligence and complementary skills of each member of the group. No one is left out, everyone is engrossed in finding a way to solve the mystery.
There is also an interesting challenging aspect to the game as there is a possibility of having 4 teams competing simultaneously in 4 different rooms and then comparing the results.

The format – 1 h 00 of activity – is also a strong point as it enables the game to be integrated in to a more complete seminar programme combining work sessions and relaxation if needed.
Mystery Escape is also located in a very pleasant area and has a large reception hall that offers the possibility of celebrating the teams results after the game and debriefing in good conditions.”

Laurence Levêque, team coach and team-building organiser